2018. március 13., kedd

"I Trust in the Lord"

"(...)I trust in the Lord (...)"

Philippians 2: 24
American Standard Version

Trust in ourselves and trust in the Lord. 
When we do something and when we get on with our daily lives, it is paramount we believe in something greater than ourselves. When we trust in the Lord we know that he is by our side. 
We feel the universe and the forces in it. The universe is in us.
We do our work, we do what we are here on this earth for and when we have done everything in our power and while we are doing everything we can to fulfill our destiny, we trust in God. 
We trust in the Lord. 

When we trust in the Lord, when we feel that universal power, inner peace is the reward. And inner peace is the most important element to reach your goals and to become who you are meant to become.  

Doing everything you can and trusting in the Lord paves the way for changing your world.

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