2018. március 2., péntek

"Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone"

"And Jesus answered unto him, It is written: Man shall not live by bread alone."

Luke 4:4

Bread, food, our livelihood -- these are essential to survival, the survival of our phyisical bodies.
We have our body. And we have our soul. 

It is in our best interest to feed our soul good stuff. When we feed our souls, when we take care of the well-being of the human soul, we become what we truly are. And that is when we are capable of being useful and good to our immediate environment as well.

Good books, good movies, good experiences, good people, good friends, good walks, good things that we enjoy to do, be it our work or our hobbies. 

These elevate us by giving us what we need besides food and shelter. The reason to live, to wake up in the morning, to be our best self, to go ahead and fulfill that which we came to this world to fulfill.

Surround yourself with good stuff, stuff that you feel is good for you.

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