2018. március 7., szerda

"On that day went Jesus out of the house, and sat by the sea side."

Matthew 13:1
American Standard Version

Water has a calming effect on the nerves. When you sit by the seaside, by a river or by a lake, peace and serenity fill your heart.
When you want to do something meaningful that requires a lot of energy. When you want to boost your inner power, there is nothing more fruitful than taking a moment to sit and relax. Before the bif leap. Even Jesus needed moments of silence. 

So go ahead, sit down some place that fills your heart and soul with joy and meditate. Or do nothing. Think of nothing. Empty your head.

And after that, when you are done with that go and conquer the world. Or change the world. Or yourself, whatever you choose. The basic rhythm of life, serenity, energy, serenity, energy.
Both of them are needed if you want to do something meaningful. Something that means a lot to you, something that you think is worth your efforts. Go ahead and do it.


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