2018. április 3., kedd

"All Things Are Possible to Him That Believeth"

"And Jesus said unto him, If thou canst! All things are possible to him that believeth."

Mark 9: 23
American Standard Version

Seeing is believing. First you believe and then you see.
Belief is the single most important step toward your goals.

Since we are human beings, not Jesus Christ, son of God, we need to also do something for what we believe in. Actions are important. Even Jesus acted upon his belief system although he was no ordinary man, the son of God. Without acting upon your belief system, you'll miss the target.

Actions are necessary. Actions with belief, backing them up.

Actions without belief are superfluous. Actions without belief often backfire. Actions without belief are empty. They lack substance.

First we think of something. An idea. A modicum of an idea. Then we either dissuade ourselves and discard the mere thought of acting upon it. Or.
You start to believe – first in yourself then in your actions. All the big achievements of humankind started with a person who believed. And then acted upon it.

You don't have to think big although thinking big has its advantages. Even the small things in our life will gain a special meaning and that extra mile when we do them with belief. With the belief that we are the best, the most well-suited people to do that particular thing and do that – with belief.

And when we do even the simplest task with belief, we exert a special effort to do that thing. It fills us with a sense of achievement. And that sense of achievement is worth more than you have ever imagined. It gives you energy. Energy that will turn into more belief and more actions – with belief and with a sense of achievement, fulfillment.

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