2018. április 9., hétfő

"The Glory of His Grace"

"to the praise of the glory of his grace, which he freely bestowed on us in the Beloved:"

Ephesians 1:6
American Standard Version

Giving is a form of art.
There is a fine line between giving freely, enjoying it for the sake of it and then giving away something valuable and then being used afterwards. This usually occures when the guidelines are not clear.

Giving is just giving. The secret to giving really freely from the bottom of your heart is giving and then moving along. Problems start to arise when we give and then we expect something in return and we do not say it openly.

When you give freely, then give freely without strings attached. Give for the sake of giving, enjoy the moment then move on.

When you give and then expect something in return, say it openly.
Yes, some people will be offended. Why? There might be a thousand different explanations. I guess deep inside they would have been in it just for the free ride and that's why they are offended by your honesty.

This is a simple task. When you give, decide beforehand if you want something in return or not.

In the first case, when you want something in return, let the other party know about it Being upfront and honest has its downsides. You might even run the risk of being labeled "anti-social". But in the long run everyone likes to deal with people who say what they mean.

In the second case, when you don't want anything in return, then just give freely and that's that.
Don't expect anything and if the other party returns your act of kindness, just be happy about it.
Give just for the fun of it and give fully knowing that you might get nothing in return. In fact that is the most possible scenario. You still do it.

The most important thing is to know which case you want to choose and act accordingly. Your life will get much simpler.

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